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Post 22 Baseball Stadium Survey

Post 22 was honored to learn they have received money from the Rapid City City Council and the Vision Fund to revamp Fitzgerald Stadium. We know our program coulnd't be what it is without the amazing citizens in Rapid City that support our program year after year. As we begin the process to pick an architect, hire the contractors, and break ground (our goal is after our last 2019 game), we are asking for your input on what you would like to see in the stadium. Things we may not have thought of.

Things high on our priority list are:

So think of thinks you may have seen at other stadiums you have visited, something that will show what Rapid City and the Black Hills has to offer. Nothing is off limits for suggestions.

We will review all submissions as we create our committees and move forward. We want to make this a place you want to bring your family year after year. A place that will help us with our mission... To Build Strong Young Men Through the Game of Baseball

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